Harvesting Dates
Harvesting Dates
Harvesting Dates

Harvesting Dates

KHORMACHINI (Harvesting Date in Farsi) season is the most important and exciting season for farmers in Tangestan and Dashtestan and Bam. All the date varieties are harvested when all the dates in the bunch or even on the whole palm have less than 20 % water content (of the weight of the fruit). Otherwise dates must be dried to that level to make it possible to preserve them without refrigeration.

About this experience

What we will do

We see how the farmers harvest the sweets pearl of Iran. Farmers have to climb the palm trees and cut the branches of dates and by rope send them down. Then make separate dates fruits from branches. In the next step, they separate defective fruits from good ones and then the rest of product will be packed.

Season / Month

Harvesting in Bam begins in four stages from late August to mid-October.
Harvesting time in Bushehr is between the end days of June and September.
Harvesting Festival holds from 16 to 18 of September in Bushehr.
8 h
Connection time excluded
Base price
€ 000
Per person
Bushehr and Bam
8 hours

What's included

Dates' tasting

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