Meet and stay with a Nomad Family
Meet and stay with a Nomad Family

Meet and stay with a Nomad Family

Nomadism is one of the most intact and pure life style which has been remain from the ancient Persia; nowadays there are still some groups of Ashayer (nomads in Farsi) who live around Iran. In Fars Province, Qashqai Nomad are the main group of nomads in Fars Province which contains several groups. They live in the northern region of this province (such as in Eqlid) during hot times of the year and they migrate to the southern part of province (such as Firouzabad) as soon as the weather gets cold.

About this experience

What we will do

You can live as a nomad for 1-2 days: sleep over night in a Siah-Chador (nomad's black tents), cooking with them, making breads, taste local dairy, foods and drinks and in a nutshell enjoy nomad’s hospitality surrounded only by pure nature.
If you'll be lucky nomad wedding would be held during your visit and you'd be part of this unique ceremony.


Winter and Spring time.

What you need

Confortable outfit.
Trekking shoes.
48 h
Connection time excluded
Base price
€ 000
Per person
Province of: Shiraz, Isfahan, Chaharmahal-o-Bakhtiari
48 hours

Transfer, Accommodation, Food, Beverage

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