Na’in Carpet and Cloak Weaving

Na’in Carpet and Cloak Weaving

Carpets: When we talk of carpets, involuntarily, the name of Iran comes to mind. Two words of carpet and Iran are synonymous in any language, therefore, carpets being the obvious symbol of the Iranian talent in art. Weaving carpets, a fine art, began in Na'in about the time of World War II. Because carpet weavers from Na'in worked with thinner wools, they began to weave rugs of much higher quality. Since the number of carpets produced was low and the quality of carpets was exceptionally high, the weavers found a profitable market. One reason that carpet actually woven in Na'in is so popular, is that it uses predominantly natural and traditional colours rather than synthetic dyes. Na’in’s carpets and cloaks are famous and reasonably priced. Maybe that's the best place to buy hand-woven carpet to Iran.Cloaks (Aba Bafi): In Muhammadieh, a precinct of Na'in, there are some man-made caves. Locals call them sardab and aba bafi. Evidence shows that they were dug by the Zoroastrian inhabitants who used to live there because the cave entrances open to the east where the sun rises. After they were abandoned by the Zoroastrians, Muslim inhabitants used them as loom workshops to weave cloaks and rugs. The caves are open dawn to dusk, with a short break 12:00 - 13:30. Weaving cloaks by hand is one of the most valuable handicrafts and historical arts of Na'in. Some of the workshops are 700 years old. Nowadays about 40 people works in these workshops. Na'in’s winter textiles are very famous and are woven from two types of sheep and camel wools. Clothing styles have changed, but the cloaks are still quite famous in some Arab countries.

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In this tour you can visit workshop of carpets and cloaks and you can learn how to weave carpets. Don’t be shy you can also try weaving and make some part of the carpet.

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It is better to go there in spring, autumn and winter
3 h
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€ 000
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Na’in in Isfahan province
3 hours

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