Overnight in Desert
Overnight in Desert
Overnight in Desert

Overnight in Desert

Deserts in Iran comprise about one fourth of the country’s land area. Iran is a land of stunning landscapes, endless skies, barren deserts, rugged mountains and spectacular wildlife. The golden sand dunes of Varzaneh, the hottest spot on the face of the earth in Lut Desert, great salt pans of Dasht-e Kavir. These are just some of the fascinating spectacles of the vast areas of deserts in Iran. 

About this experience

What we will do

In this tour you'll stay at the local houses and communicate the sweet natives, experience camel riding and sightseeing will excite you during the day. Also, you can camp in the desert enjoy watching beautiful sunset and sunrise and breath-taking view in the night sky and have a relaxing time overnight

Season / Month

Autumn time. From October to December


Deserts in the provinces of Semnan, Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, Isfahan, Yazd and Khorasan.

What you need

Sunglasses, High protection sun cream, Confortable shoes
48 h
Connection time excluded
Base price
€ 000
Per person
48 hours

What's included

Full day Pass Meals (Breakfast + Lunch+ Dinner)
Water supply

What's not included


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