Rosewater Festival
Rosewater Festival

Rosewater Festival

Golab Festival is one of must-to see (and to sniff) festival in Iran. This is an aromatic experience holds in Spring every year when in early May, the scent of rose spreads all over Kashan. Rose Water (Golab in Frasi), extracted from damask roses, have always been famous product of Qamsar, Niasar, Barzuk and Ozvar in Kashan. To pick the damask roses, farmers start work early hours and before sunrise. They believe that when the Sun comes up, its rays will decrease the scent of the flowers, so they should be handpicked before it is too warm. Then petals are taken to the traditional extraction facilities, boiled and after extracting process amazing rosewater is ready. Rosewater is used in various dishes and sweets. It is also used as a perfume by Muslims.

About this experience

What we will do

In this lovely tour, you can visit the damask rose farms, and see the extraction process and facilities in gardens or even the front yard of some houses, that leave the doors open for guests to come and have some tea. They can present their work and offer to sell the fresh rosewater directly.
And also, you can help them in picking up the flowers. There are different workshops there, so you can ask to accompany them.

Season / Month

Springtime, every year during the second half of May.


Kashan in Isfahan province.

What you need

A working nose. ^_^
6 h
Connection time excluded
Base price
€ 200
Per person
6 hours

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