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About the website

What is Easyiran?

Easy Iran is your best friend to discover Iran. We help all kind of travellers to find out what is Iran with flexible and personalized trips. Our offices are located in Verona and in Teheran.

How can I book a trip on easyiran?

Follow the steps of the questionnaire in the home page of easyiran.eu. Choose your favourite activities and places for your flexible trip in Iran. After that we will contact you and send you your trip plan with a quotation.

Is it possible to book a trip for one person?

Yes, there is an option during the steps which you can choose to travel alone.

Can you also book a flight for my trip?

Yes. If you did not book a flight, we will also put this option for your trip plan.

Is it possible to choose just one destination for my the trip?

At least 3 cities you can choose on website for making a plan trip for you.

How much does a flexible trip cost?

Based on the duration of your trip and cities which you would like to visit is different. We will send a trip plan with the total payment after your reservation process.

How can I pay on the website?

Payment process is supported by Paypal. You can use one of the
following payment methods: Your bank account. Your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card. If you have a PayPal Cash or PayPal Cash Plus account,
you can also use your balance.
You can also pay with a direct bank transfer.

How can I contact you?

You can ask us any question on the “live chat” at the bottom right of you screen. We will keep in touch as soon as possible. Also we are available on: info@easyiran.eu

After reservation steps is the booking fixed?

We will send you a trip plan based on your favorites and you can change it, we are always flexible.

About the trip

What is a flexperience?

Flexperience is the smartest way to enjoy Iran just experiencing what you
love at your own speed.

How much flexible can my trip be?

Choose your favourite experiences and once there feel free to change your
plans. If you are enjoying so much a place or an activity you can decide the
spend more time doing time. Our team will reprogram your trip live, according
your needs and impressions.

How can I do the passport (visa)?

We can manage all the visa process for Iran for most of the Country.

What about insurance

Incoming Passengers Plan

Medical expenses & Hospitalization abroad, Except aesthetic treatments, chronic ailments or illnesses existed prior to the inception date of the policy Deductible EUR 25 ( except emergency cases, and hospitalization more than 24 Hours)EUR 10000
Emergency dental care It is restricted to treatment of pain, infection and removal of the tooth affected Deductible: EUR 25EUR 200
Emergency return home following death of a close family member or serious illnessesActual Expenses
Transport or repatriation in case of illness or accidentEUR5500
Repatriation of mortal remainsActual Expenses
Legal AssistanceEUR 250
Repatriation of family member traveling with the insuredActual Expenses
Loss of passport, driving license, national identity card abroadEUR200
Loss of registered luggage Benefits of this clause and previous one cannot be accumulated.EUR150

Is travel to Iran safe?

Iran is generally a very safe place to travel, so much that many travellers describe it as the “safest country I’ve ever been to’, or “much safer than travelling in Europe”.

How should i dress in Iran?

These the main guidelines for tourists to dress in Iran properly.
For men: A shirt, long or short sleeved, paired with jeans or trousers is generally the most widespread dress code for men. T-shirts are very common as well. Men should avoid shorts, tank tops and sleeveless shirts. About footwear sandals and shoes works perfectly.
For women: You should cover your head and your hair with a headscarf (hijab). Generally body shapes have to be hidden: use jeans or trousers ankle-length. Your top must be not to tight with long sleeves; it will cover shoulders and going down to mid thigh. Avoid low necked shirts, tight tops and skirts.

Is my credit card invalid in Iran?

No, in Iran it is not possible to use credit card of the main payment circuit. We can provide you an iranian bank card or change your national money if you prefer to use cash.

How can I pay in Iran?

You can pay in cash or if you would like we can provide you bank card

Do the experiences have specific date?

Some of them have specific date in a year some of them not.

Is my driver license valid in Iran?

Yes, it is possible to drive with your driver license in Iran till 6 months. This opportunity is for 60 countries which Iran accept their license. for more information of these 60 countries please contact us. (60 countries: Argentina, Germany, Indonesia,  Algeria, Armenia , Uzbekistan, Austria, Spain ,
Slovenia, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Bulgari, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Portugal , Turkmenistan, Tanzania, Turkey ,Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Czechia, China ,Russia ,Romania, New Zealand, Zaire, Japan , Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Sweden, Switzerland, Côte d’Ivoire, Oman, Philippines, France , Finland , Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea ,Kenya, Croatia , Guinea)

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