Is Iran safe

Is Iran safe

Foreigner media in US and UK mostly talk about Iran exaggerated which is totally deferent from Real Iran.

To understand better this beautiful country continue reading.

  • Safety in Iran      
  • Media view of Iran.
  • Is Iran safe also for women?
  • Terrorism in Iran
  • Iran situation nowadays
  • Travelers experiences
  • Conclusion

Safety in Iran

Most popular question which I have heard is about safety of Iran. Is Iran safe?The answer is YES of course!
Based on Travel risk map Iran has medium risk for travelers like Russia , Turkey, Ukraine and so on. Also consider it showed with some exaggerating and it is even more safer than many European countries.

I know it is all against from what you heard and bellow you will realize the reason of this opinion.

How media shows Iran in Us-Uk?

Because of the issues between Iran and America you usually hear and read many bad news and bad advertisement about Iran in Us and somehow in UK media, after killing general Soleimani by Us it got worst.

But beyond all political problems, Real Iran is totally deferent from what showed us in media,

I remember a friend who wanted to travel to Iran and his mother was crying that Iran is not safe at all, after his journey he decided to also bring her mom there next time. -True story

All the problem is because of our trust on the media and judging hastily.

Is Iran safe also for women?

I have many friends which traveled to Iran many times and they felt totally safe in their trips.

Even one of them decided to choose Persian language as her university filed in Ukraine. –True  

The only deference is that in Iran because of their religion (Islam)the women should cover their head with scarf (not too tight just put it on your hair) and also should wear cloths to cover their body (just need to cover your curves) Iran in compare with other Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia there are more flexibility in this part, you don’t need to cover yourself very tightly

If you would like to know more about a solo woman traveler experience I suggest you to watch Sara Melloti experience.

Italin photographer and director Sara Melloti In Isfahan, Iran

Terrorism in Iran: is Iran safe to travel?

One of the other important issue which I have heard a lot about Iran is that in Iran there are several terrorist attacks! There are a few  attacks in Iran- less than Us and Uk- the biggest one was in the capital of Iran ,Tehran at 2017,but these attacks are also in other countries even more than Iran, Iran’s government mostly control these situation very well because of that, these attacks are lee than other countries in middle east. 

How is the situation in Iran nowdays?

In these days based on the opinion of local Iranian, the situation is pretty calm and like whole of the world they are trying to control Coronavirus.

Iran is a huge country and very safe destination for traveling, most of my friends who traveled to Iran told me they found Iran the safest country that they have ever been to.

Iran is also the safest country in whole middle east.

Travelers experiences

One of the most interesting thing in Iran is the hospitality of the people, if you are a traveler and if you saw many countries at first of your trip in Iran you will realize the difference, almost all the people who see you even in the street, when they realize you are a foreigner they start to welcome you.

They have a very good connection with foreigner and mostly call you a guest in their country.

This the best point of Iran which make it unforgettable.

If you want to know better the wonderful experience of travelling to Iran watch the videos of an American YouTuber “Drew Binsky” who visited about 191 countries.

Drew’s favorite countries between 191 countries


There are 8-9 million tourists from abroad visiting Iran as of 2019 based on the statistic, so if you want to know Is Iran safe for visit? 

I can tell you absolutely YES.

You will love it after visiting there and also I can promise you after your first trip, there will be also next plan to travel there again and again, because this beautiful and big country with amazing architecture needs many times to visit. 

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