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Tour Leader

Full time – Iran (across the whole Country)

EasyIran for its tours in Iran is looking for an energetic and trustworthy tour leader who can guide the tourists during the flexible trips we offer. If you have high communication skills, a solid multidisciplinary preparation in various fields as history, arts, nature, food and a the strong desire to get involved, you can become a Flexpert, one of the EasyIran’s tour leader.

Our main destinations: Isfahan, Tehran, Shiraz, Kashan, Abarkouh, Hormoz, Yazd, Qom. 

Your tasks

Ability to manage and guide a group of tourists (2-20 person) during the trips in urban and naturalistic areas.

Knowledge of details and informations about the destinations. 

The candidates based on the trip plan for each attraction should gather informations and give detailed explanation to the tourists in English or Italian (based on your ability) 

Because we have flexible tours, the dates and trip plans are flexible and are based on the tourist’s preference so the candidates are able to be available for all trips. 

Based on their knowledge you will offer any amusing and attractive places for each destination during planning for the trip. 

Your profile

You can talk in Italian or English fluently 

You have already gained at least two-year experience in tour guiding 

Persian mother tongue or with Persian language degree 

Men or women between 23-40 

Valid Iranian license for tour guiding 

If you have academic degree for tour guiding, it is a plus; please mention it in your application. 

The most important things is to be open-faced during the trips

Strong commination skills will help to attract the tourist which candidates have. 

A tour leader is always available and would like to help people specially the tourists. 

For a flexible trip being patient is always necessary to manage the situation. 

Having good self-confidence which let you to lead a tour in a best way. 

Kind and with sense humor 

Having basic knowledge of first aid for emergency situations 

Technical manager

Full-time – Tehran, Iran 

The most important point of a tour is planning of it.  For planning of the tours and gathering all information for making the tours the best job position who can do it as well is a good technical manager, for this reason EasyIran is looking for a person as technical manager for Tehran Office. 

Your tasks

You are able to write the package of the tour based on the tourist’s favorite places. 

As all part of our company is based on flexibility, you will plan for each tour based on the preferences of the tourists. 

Being updated of all rules of tickets, cancelation of hotels and etc. 

Technical manager will check hotels and all places which during the tours we should visit and check the availably of all 

Estimate the final price of the trip 

Being update of all recently rules of foreigner’s embassy 

Being update of the lasts exhibition about tourism in Iran 

Making connection with insurance companies for providing the travel insurances 

Your profile

Can talk and write in English 

Having Iranian license of Technical Manager (B) from Ministry of cultural heritage tourism and handicraft 

Persian mother tongue or Persian language degree 

Have already gained at least three-year experience in tourism 

The last time which you have used your license in other travel agencies, you should have stayed there at least one year. 

Men or women over 23 

You should not be an employee in a governmental office 

Being patient  

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